These Guys would transform MMA...

Please, no trolls.

If Ed were alive MMA would look different today. I really think he would have learned BJJ and added Kenpo to it to modernize it. Obviously, it could have replaced Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai since Kenpo's strikes are as good if not better. You see Kenpo techniques here and there in MMA (I'll even post a video of some), so imagine if Ed's influence still existed.

If Tatum and Huck's style weren't so street oriented, we would be seeing their guys (though I bet today they would be capable even at their ages).

Ed, would definitely have lead his guys into MMA. Imagine GSP, or the Crow, or someone who has respect for TMA adopting Kenpo instead of some of the other less effective, less sport oriented TMA's like Tae Kwon Do.

So here's what I think would make a new style of MMA to battle the current one: Kenpo & BJJ, instead of the overly complex formula of Boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ. Spending time on just two arts instead of 4 would create high level MMA fighters of the future.

magine, being able to use the KO points like Sensei Schulte and transposing them to MMA. You would have NO NEED for heavy bags, focus mitts, boxing sparring where you beat the shit out of each other for no reason except to get brain damage. Why do that, when Kenpo provides the "hands" w/o the beating!?!?

As a practitioner of Kenpo since I was 4, and someone who uses Kenpo in MMA sparring on a daily basis, it seems evident to me. If you haven't tried Kenpo in your BJJ or MMA sparring, you have no right to criticize it and it's a disrespect to the scientific process. Thoughts?

With respect we've seen damn near every style in the MMA ring, and there's a reason why some of them didn't catch on. It doesn't mean that they don't have their place, it just probably isn't in the octagon.

MMA fighters aren't stupid.

They want to win, and aren't tied to one style (except for maybe a few BJJ holdouts).

If Kempo strikes were better than boxing and Muay Thai, they all be training Kempo for standup.

Obviously, there are some exceptions.

Novice, we haven't seen too much Kenpo in the ring and that;s my point. Did you watch the MMA fight of the Kenpo guy kicking ass?

If Kenpo strikes were better than boxing and Muay Thai, they all be training Kempo for standup.

They ARE better than boxing. We have had an influx of Boxers, so they have proven their point. IF we had and influx of Kenpo guys they would be proving their point. Did you watch the vids I posted? Did you see the speed and power that Kenpo has?

And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't be disrespectful and say Kempo instead of Kenpo. WTF?! 

Lol at a typo being disrespectful.

Can't watch the vid at work, so I will continue to bite on your troll.

You reveal your ignorance, Canuck. Not surprised since you are Canadian.

If you trained in Combat Sports, you would know there is a huge difference between Kempo and Kenpo. They aren't the same thing. One is useless and the other practical and effective.

Here's some sparring footage of Kempo in action. I'm sure you will change your view of what you thought was a TMA:

lawnstreetmuse - fast and uneffective.


Well, no offense, but that's pretty fucking stupid. If it's fast, how can it possibly be you grammar and UG troll?
"Ineffective", moran.

Did you even watch the videos?

Aus = 100% correct.

Personally, I think some of the "Sub-Level 5" guys would be VERY competetive, at the minimum. Hard for "traditionally trained" Boxers & Muay Thai Figters to see some of those strikes coming. (i.e. nor perceptually aware of them).

I think there would be a lot of "What did he hit me with?" Questions from the Boxers/ Muay Thai guys upon awakening.

But as always, it's the man not the art.

(BTW, I appreciate this troll-free discusion in a respectful manner. Let's keep it that way!)

Shen, brings up a valid point better than I could: Boxing has saturated MMA. Everyone can see a Jab or a Cross or an Uppercut coming. Boxing techniques are becoming old hat.

What Kenpo, brings back to the table, is deception. Try to tell me that someone can see 5 Swords, or thundering hammers coming and be able to have a counter for it?

Too late about requesting a troll free environment. Apparently, unemployment in Canada is so high that they have nothing to do, but troll.

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Okay, but what about a Kenpo guy WITH a Kempo sword thingy???

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Some more full contact sparring vids. Some pretty raw stuff:









Another KO:


Here's another legend in fighting, Sensei Grandmaster Jack Hogan in action. Notice how EASILY he gets the boxing you have to spend hours developing power and a good chin, when a more economical method would be working on TARGETING.

Boxers kill mosquitos using a baseball bat. It's crude.


I voted you down. As in Down Syndrome.

I know a 110 lb girl massage therapist that can reduce my BJJ trained 240 lbs to jelly (if i lay on a table for 30 minutes). She could transform MMA!

7.5, mostly because you did hook a few.

The germ of truth you worked with in the beginning, where Ed would have gone into MMA was enough to make this have potential.

Now I would have given you higher marks if you would have staid with the initial premise. Going to the goofy one touch KOs really lowered the credibility of the Troll.