These TopNotch Idiots are Hillarious....TROLLING the thugs....Enjoy


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I think a bunch of the clips are staged/fake. Youtubers will do anything for $.

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there’s some emotional outbursts in there which do like to be genuine TRIGGERED

If He Dies Ivan Drago GIF

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I’m usually against ghetto overreaction type violence, but would be ok if every person who has ever uttered the words “It’s just a prank” was shot.


Fake and gay.

They’ve been fake. Well we found the type of people that believe this stupid shit.

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My stance pertains to both real and fake pranksters.

as I explained above, yes, some of it seems suspicious but there were some examples which there seemed to be some serious emotional TRIGGERING

and I would not be surprised at all if there are some BOLD chaps which WOULD engage in such risky shenanigans for the chance of becoming a YouTube Celeb and all the FAME and $$$ which goes with it

That guy is actually pretty funny. He’s got some balls. He’s had a few guns pulled on him.

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