These X-Men figures worth anything

Bought them new a long time ago. They are MOC, but card/figure is wrong.Thought I had one or two more, but this is all I found.




lol,I had quite a few misplaced figures back in my day.

Who's the guy with the ball and chain schlong?

looks like one the immortals. is it gideon?


"looks like one the immortals. is it gideon? "
Um, don't you mean the externals?

What ever happened to them anyways?

I think Marvel killed them off rather than face litigation from the Highlander people who claimed the externals were a rip-off.

yeh my xforce comics are in the loft, but yeh meant externals.


They are up on Ebay now. if anyone wants the links let me know.

no they suck.................

Bah, Krule looks cool.