They are kids, yet they lead Pride movement?

Enough of these sick fucks. I do not care about gay or lesbian but when you start with all this tranny shit and indoctrinating kids things need to be stopped.

If we wait any longer to push back we will have to go to war in order to have our voices heard.

Small town Canada, not enough LBQRT23rxt no problem we will make kids think this shit is normal.


“It’s not like we’re trying to fuck kids or anything…”

-Every lefty (AKA pedo) on this site


Ever been to a gay pride parade? 30 minutes from me is one of the biggest in the country. Guys I know we’re working at the fire department on pride Day years ago and they forced by the lesbian fire chief to March in the parade. One of the guys for hit in the face with a dildo lol. They sued the city and lost.

My point being, these are sexually charged events. They’re not a place for kids. Everyone who’s every been around a gay community knows this but no one says anything


Kind of a weird statement to make when it’s almost all kids on that picture above. What’s sexually charged in that march there? The rainbow colors?

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I wouldn’t let my kids hang around a firehall either.
All across Canada people have been ripping down Pride shit, the citizens do not want it to be part of what or who we are.

We are the majority fuck them. We let all these special interest nut jobs get into politics and now they think what they do in their bedroom should be forced on everyone.

Germany was a hub for fags and dikes during the 30s. In fact it is considered to be the last time society was so open. Until now …


I don’t know man, I just don’t trust it. I support the right for people to live however they want to live. But I’m all too familiar with the gay community and I just don’t think gay events area a place for kids. What Milo said on Rogan about having been groomed by an older man when he was a kid is a story you’ll hear from a lot of gay guys


Fair enough, if you or anyone else as a parent doesn’t want to attend or really do anything with it. I’m not in the boat of going nuts about it.

I don’t think letting kids know that gay people exist and that it’s okay to be gay if they are is a big deal though either. I do think there is an age where that it doesn’t even matter but a kid understanding a friend has two fathers if they go to school with them. They have all the right to think it’s weird but hating on it - that’s where I’m at.

We don’t hear about a lot of molestation in general either, putting that just on the gays isn’t right.


Just a drag queen, nothing sexual here.


In the 90s there was a big push for gay and lesbian rights. It was pushed as the cool thing or normal thing through out high schools and post secondary.

It is one thing to experiment or whatever but this is indoctrination shit. Anyone who doesn’t see that is not wanting to open their eyes.


There is no excuse for subjecting children to such blatantly sexual shit. Straight, gay, doesn’t matter.


Imagine going to a pride parade and suddenly you need medical assistance because you got hit in the face with a dildo ffs

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Some of us don’t like change.

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Even though I am not religious we follow Christian values for a reason here in NA.

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I think it’s about time that the nudist lobby has their say. Nude Pride is just as relevant and deserving of respect as other fringe groups. Their parades would garner at least as many attendees. I wouldn’t mind kids seeing people walking around “nu à l’extérieur” in all their odd shapes and sizes, because without clothes and props or makeup, we wouldn’t know who is gay or trans or any of the other alphabetical gangs of fruity loops.


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Celebration of deviancy. In the end, good will be perceived as evil and evil will be perceived as good.




Give us nudity and meth?

Ya, it is the parents who say that is too much who are the shitty people …
The media is slowly killing off all free speech and the ability of a parent to do what they think is best for their child.


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