They freed adnan syed

lol, i think you’re mixing traitors there.
Bo Bergdahl-Deserter, mentally ill to the point of purposely walking to the Taliban, for whom Obama traded a bunch of bad guys. Sarah did a season on him, may or may not have deepthroated him repeatedly during the episodes.
Bradley Manning-Convicted of stealing and disseminating military secrets. Mentally ill to the point of thinking he’s a woman, dated Elon’s ex gf grimes. Sentence commuted by Barry. Was not featured in a season of Serial.

Yeah bergdahl. He said he didnt desert but just wanted to show how bad the and unsafe the base was by him going missing.

I watched the documentary and caught up with a few other podcasts talking about this case. I don’t know what role Adnan played but the police without a doubt fabricated Jay Wilds’ story which the entire case was built on. I don’t think it’s possible to build a case today without Jay Wilds so Adnan will walk a free man.

After the Serial podcast I had the same thought as you.
In the many years since that podcast a lot more has come out including the cell phone pinging being debunked, his ‘accomplice’ being directed by police in what to say, and 2 other potential suspects the police buried including 1 that is now in jail for sex crimes.
It’s pretty crazy that Serial didn’t really actually cover that much of what’s now contributed to him getting out.

So the police found the car, but nobody called it in, creating a record of it being found? There was a department conspiracy to pin it on Adnan so the police waited, leaving the car in place. No witnesses called it in nor saw police around it. Then they fed Jay the info on the location of the car. Jay obliged by then implicating himself in a murder, to which the police had ZERO evidence or testimony to link him?

That makes more sense than the guy who was obsessed with her, took the breakup poorly, asked her for a ride the very afternoon she went missing and she was never seen again after that ride. HE never placed a single call or text to her after finding out she was missing, even though he’d called her repeatedly the night before?

Clearly you haven’t thought this through.

The guy in jail for sex crimes is Adnan’s mentor, Bilal Ahmed. A pedo and rapist from his mosque who communicated with Adnan tons of times before the murder, who, the day before the murder, purchased the cell phone for Adnan. How exactly would his being a suspect clear Adnan?

The other suspect passed 2 polygraphs and was confirmed to be at work until 4pm that day, making it impossible for him to have killed Hae. He was the weirdo who found the body while taking a piss. Alonzo Sellers.

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Serial did cover Alonzo Sellers. It’s not new info.
Serial Briefly mentioned Bilal, but nothing about him would have helped Adnan. He testified for 5 days FOR THE PROSECUTION during the grand jury trial. But he lied several times, so that was the end of anyone using him. Well that and the fact that he got caught putting people under in his dentist office and sticking his dick in their mouths.

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Sadly its too late, there is no justice in this system for Muslims.

Bills Ahmed being connected to everyone involved in the case and later being convicted and jailed for serious crimes against women definitely provides an alternate suspect.
It doesn’t ‘clear’ Adnan but my point was that the famous Serial podcast did not have/present this info and most people made up their mind based on listening to it, often with the idea that it had to be Adnan because there wasn’t another obvious potential suspect.

It still had to be Adnan.

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By the way, Bilal isn’t connected to “everyone in the case,” just Adnan. There is no evidence he ever met Hae or JAy, for example.
Also, the tip said he had mentioned that he “could make Hae disappear.”
So i’d ask, why would he be saying that about the ex-gf of his close friend, if it wasn’t to help Adnan?

Not to mention, he wasn’t with Hae between 2-4, when we know she was killed. But we know who was…

Is their any info as to why anyone wanted to kill hae?

Yes. Adnan was obsessed with her, according to several witnesses. She broke up with him because they could not really hang out and had to lie to everyone because of his parents/religion. He found out she had a new bf and even wrote on a note in class that he wanted to kill her. He tried desperately to call her a bunch of times the night before the murder. Once she disappeared, in spite of getting calls from Hae’s parents and the police, asking if he’d seen her, he never once tried to call her after she went missing.



Jay Wilds’ statements are all over the place, his neatly packaged account of his whereabouts conveniently fit the typos on the tower locations, and the lividity of Hae’s body don’t match the timeline the police are claiming. And yeah, that doesn’t even get to Hae’s car or dump off location.

I didn’t say Adnan is innocent but he’s walking now because the state realizes they have no case. Jay’s testimony wouldn’t hold up today and Bill Ritz being at the center of a few reversed cases doesn’t help either. I’m not claiming a mass conspiracy. I’m saying the cops fed Jay Wilds a story that didn’t hold up.

But for that, you’d have to commit to a huge conspiracy, because if the cops didn’t find the car and act like they didn’t, only to wait and then tell Jay to claim he knew it’s location, then how did he know where it was? And what was in it for Jay to implicate himself in a murder when there was zero evidence against him at that point? The only reasonable explanation is that he knew where it was because he helped put it there.

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He’s walking now because the DA (Mosby) is pro criminal. She’s so pro-criminal, that she went ahead and became one.


Cell location data was bunk.

Guilty as fuck and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows it.

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