They’re Going to Get Us All Killed: Biden Regime Helped Ukraine Sink Russian Ship

But the Biden regime is pushing us to be just like Russia. Something about having total control over the citizens is very appealing to evil dictators.

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Apparently Russia is threatening Elon Musk now for his Starlink satellites.

“ Elon Musk is threatened by the head of Russia’s space agency for providing internet to Ukrainians: SpaceX CEO jokes ‘if I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin’ ya’ - but his mom Maye doesn’t find it funny”


I agree, they should fully embrace capitalism. They have an intelligent population, good resources, ability to create and build a prosperous country but the government would rather steal from the people. That’s the remnants of communism. Still have a country dominated by corruption and with a massive share of government owned businesses even if they pretend to be capitalists.

This is what the crazy fucks on the left want for the west today. Why?

They aren’t fighting the west though. Ukraine is using some western weapons and training but they are still heavily outnumbered and outgunned by Russia

Russia stalemating is a credit to Ukrainians but it is due to Russian failures more than anything.


I haven’t heard back from you yet.
You don’t see me over here raising my hand?

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Kind of thought you were describing the US, corruption is rampant and most all industries are subsidized by the Government if the wealthy are not hitting their profit margins.
If people can not see that America is a warring Nation and that a warring Nation needs wars to stay afloat …
US needs to start looking inwards before it is to late.

With the amount of tech the West is using for support, Russia is fighting all of Nato, just not the boots yet.

Nixon opened up China.

If this were Trump, all the silly hippies would be marching through DC with their stupid no war chants.

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Le Shat

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Nixon visited, Carter opened up everything.

I can see the Russian state news now:

Bad news; one of our warships was sunk off the coast of Ukraine

Good news: It was sunk by the Americans, not by Ukraine!

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Yeah, pretty much. It is a much easier pill to swallow.