They should do a PrimeTime for Lesnar/Reem!

Come on Dana!

It makes sense!

I'd watch!

Sign this thread if you would watch a PrimeTime for the Lesnar/Reem fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed 100% Ubereem deserves more attention that he gets. Phone Post

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funny thing is, lile brock the reem has always kept training a secret and does not like camera attention when he trains Phone Post

 I'm planning on going to the event and I think both guys are exciting as fuck, but to be brutally honest I wouldn't want to see it, Brock is very shy around the camera - and I respect his choice to do that but it just makes for bad TV. When he does get in front of the camera it seems inevitable that he'll make some WWE-esque remark, for example 'I'll eat a burrito and drink a Corona after I beat you'. That shit is uncalled for. And the number one reason I really wouldn't want to see it is because I just don't think that they are skilled enough to compete with Junior or Cain. I'm sorry, I just don't see it. I love Brock, and Alistair is a fucking destroyer but I'd rather see the Countdown show dedicated to Anderson vs. Chael II or GSP vs Condit or a possible Diaz matchup in the future, provided he beats BJ Penn which is a tall order. So in short, No thanks. 


I need some mods to sign up!

Maybe a few 00s & 01s to sign up!

Yeah this would make a great primetime, I think with GSp/Diaz fight being called off, which was gonna get a show now they will do a Reem/Brock show.

They're going to have to do something to introduce Reem to the general public



 Count me in.

YES! - Diego Sanchez Phone Post

Definitely... Have they said they aren't having one though? Brock's their biggest draw. They'd have to be idiots not have a countdown show. Phone Post


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They will. There's like a 95% chance they will. I thought that was obvious? No disrespect intended.

So pumped for this one...I wake up every morning hoping that neither guy has pulled out from the fight...we need this! Phone Post