They Should Put The Homeless Encampments On Golf Courses

Fuck golf, and all the entitled pricks that play it.


I’ve found that more average joe dummies play it (badly) than rich elitists assholes.

But I agree with your sentiment, golf is fucking stupid ad are the people that play it. And homeless camps should be burnt down weekly.

I hate golf, but why? It’s private property. If they wanna buy it. Sure. But otherwise this thread is retarded.


Rich people play golf just probably not at the same courses you’re playing at.

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I wouldn’t mind teeing off and hitting a few homeless people.


How about homeless people fill the countless jobs and become productive members of society?


I say ship them all to Cali

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We should also put the gun range on the golf course. Then we could take care of all the problems at once.


You can also try waking up earlier and perhaps learning something so you can get a better job that will allow you to play golf instead of hating on those who did things right.

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This is MIT level problem solving


Yep, rich people don’t play at the local municipal course

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Fuck, man! Don’t you think we get tired of carrying the weight of the rest of the country on our shoulders?

Put them in front of the politicians’ houses.

Homeless camps out on the driving range could be pretty fun.

Uhhh I am pretty sure that this is what has always happened.

Oh ok, so just fuck the entitled pricks playing at the elite country clubs?. The joe schmos playing around town are cool. This thread makes total sense now.

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OK…who the fuck let AOC on here.

It’s a test…there’s 9 tards in here.

Golf courses are one of the only times I really appreciate nature. Perfectly manicured grounds don’t come by that often.

Also one of the few activities I drink during.

I think we should keep pumping in fentanyl and let the problem solve itself before destroying the courses.