They should stop teaching BJJ after Oliveira is made an example of... in the name of Islam

Who’s the guy who beat fedor yrs ago and still fighting in the UFC Ivan Blogivitch or some shit? He fought on the last UFC. Boring asf imo but they get to talk on how he beat fedor in a sambo comp years ago so he has some worth i. Their eyes lol

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What? You know Khabib wrestled since birth correct? He was never a pure Sambo guy

Funny to classify him as Sambo when the mans clearly a superior wrestler.

Funny he’s a 2x world combat sambo champion

And the wrestling he learned is Russian style

Don’t try to put your filthy low level NCAA college trash on my boy

I agree. Very fundamental basic wrestling. Everything, other than the submissions, is exactly the same as my son was taught during his 12 years of wrestling here in America. Right down to his stance, and how he holds his arms/hands.

Maybe he should fight Khabib

And what sambo technique do you see him utilize in the cage genius?
You think you know so much tell me specific names of the sambo moves he uses?
You don’t know shit

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Its kind of strange how he only shoots in when its MMA and in grappling, he just walks forward and ties up.

How many times has bjj worked for Charles so far? I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work.

@JackMerridew is a incest cell that knows nothing about technique, set ups for moves, or strategy. The lamest living troll right next to @ConorWinsTheRematch

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Lol desperately trying to get my attention.

We don’t need to hear it from me or any failed fighters.

Let’s here what Renzo Gracie has to say on the subject.

Charles is not even elite btw

Biggest difference is Charles is well rounded and not just an elite ground specialist.

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Hey Schaub come up with your own ideas stop stealing them from someone else. You claim to be some fight “genius” but you can’t answer a simple question.
What sambo techniques does Khabib use?
Prove us all wrong… wait you can’t…

I’m definitely a failed a fighter I’ll give you that lol

Hey theres a reason Khabib was scared of 170


I don’t think Khabib would have even cracked the top 20 at 170. He would have been a 50-50 fighter.