They Threw the Book at the Judahs

Yoel and Zab both suspended for a year, and fined a combined 350 grand. I say good

Luckiliy it didn't take though...I'm not sure they read....

haha, the only prediction I made that night was that Judah would try being Classy, but his inner thug would come to surface anyway. One year suspension kinda sucks though, I have been enjoying watching his losing streak.

its up on boxing talk


it must really suck to look back at your career when you're an old man and realize that you missed like 4 years out of your prime cause you couldn't restrain yourself from acting like street trash

if only they'd dealt with Riddick Bowe and his entourage the same way

he was suspended a year after the fight with kostya right?

yep. i'm sure this won't be the last time either

can't he compete in other states though? roger mayweather had his license revoked but its administrative so hes free to goto other states. is this the same for the judahs? i hope not.

most states will respect nevada. if he does go somewhere no commision and try he'll be like tyson. never get reinstated. and i don't think there will be much demand for him in europe. unless he will go face hatton who might actually finish him once and for all

Larry Hazard already said he disagreed with the suspension and that he would probably let Judah fight in Jersey

"he was suspended a year after the fight with kostya right? "

don't think it was a year, think it was more like 6 months

i hate Zab but i think the penalty is ridiculous. low blow or not, Mayweathers camp cannot be allowed to rush the ring and attack Zab causing a near riot. roger mayweather is the one who should be suspended.