They used to put UFCs on Fridays

The Mouth - Posts like this is why the OG sucks.


Principal HELWIG

"pal" reminds you that it's a person.  

ArtWanderlei - Principal HELWIG

"pal" reminds you that it's a person.  
That last part is disputable.

I bet you were a brown noser all the way through school.

 No and I don't agree with it either, but rules are rules and if it helps you get it right on a spelling/vocab test, it is worthwhile.

I used to have spelling tests every Friday in elementary school and my mom would check to make sure I got them all right.

I could only get away with so much or they wouldn't order the WWF Pay Per Views for me.  Back then Survivor Series was on Thanksgiving Day. 

thank you for your valuable input

I used to get them on PPV by pre ordering on Friday afternoon and setting up my vcr to tape. I'd watch them after working 2nd shift. I have UFC 4 thru about 15, along with early pancrase and other promotions from the mid-late nineties. I quit getting them when they raised the price from 19.99 to 24.95, lol!

I remember