Thiago Alves having trouble cutting weight

That's what she said.

Swinging Richard, not sure if he had trouble at ufc 100 or not. I would prolly say its hard as heck for him everytime.

I am also not liking his chances against Fitch. Fitch is a cardio machine and if the weight cut does hurt Thiago, Fitch could steal rounds on that alone.

I hope he ko's fitch but doubtit.


"15 pounds to go! Osu!"

The weight classes mma currently has is PERFECT. We don't need more weight classes. It would dilute the prestiege of a title, eat up all the PPV time every show, and be pointless.

Met Alves on the same weekend I saw BJ and GSP in the UFC 94 title fight. Also met Fitch and Karo. Karo looked 30 pounds less than Alves. He looks like an outta shape 155'er. Fitch looked to be a big, weight cutting 170. GSP is way smaller in person than on TV, and he is smaller looking than Fitch in a Tshirt and shorts.

Alves is giant. Only 5'10"ish but significantly bigger than I thought. A lean 215 it looked. No comparison to the other fighters I mentioned. Zero. It was the same weekend that Machida fought Thiago Silva. Alves, for sure, looked like he'd out weigh Machida.

people thinking that fitch is going to win with cardio are delusional. Thiago is probably the second most gifted athelete in the division.

The guy should lose 40% of his purse. Absolutely ridiculous if he fails to make weight.

If he's too big for the weight class, he shouldn't be competing in it.

20% is fucking nothing.

ATT doesnt care i they miss weight

With the amount of times Thiago Alves has said in the pre-fight vids that he's hungry I think he just needs to take a giant dump to make wait.

Thiago looked kinda big at the press conference but commented about the weight not being a concern.

Well he missed weight by a half a pound, really not a big deal but I'm sure there are people annoyed with it.

Thiago will make weight for this fight.

 Not a big deal.  Almost had it right on.  You don't want to come in under when you're a big weight cutter.