Thiago alves vs nick Diaz

Who you guys got n how ??
Love to see this happen if thiago gets him self back in the picture
Do you think thiago has chance against condit? Ellenburger ? Hendricks ? Phone Post

If thiago just punches with him he'll lose. If he throws some of his leg kicks it could get interesting Phone Post

Alves stand up could pose some problems as he hits hard and fast with kicks and knees but I think the difference in this fight is that thiago constantly backs himself against the cage and that's where nick is at his best and I think he can wear down thiago, especially in a 5 round fight Phone Post

Nick doesnt check leg kicks.

That gap in his game wouldn't bode well vs Thiago.

Herb is right, Nick is a beast with his opponent against the cage and Thiago does seem to find himself there often. Still if Alves can power through the first round on the offensive with his kicks and punches he could have a chance. I'm thinking Diaz puts this one away in the first three though, one thing is for sure this fight ain't going five rounds. Alves barely has enough gas for three and Diaz maintains a brutal pace. Will be one hell of a fun fight to watch though, two bangers who don't mind trading.

Alves by the most brutal leg kicks in the UFC

Would be an awesome fight tho ! Two very intresting styles thiago has heavy kicks and punches and maybe he would try n and nick down where nick is very gd and also thiago always cuts loads of weight and usually gases where nick would never gas he is a cardio machine !! Phone Post

Thiago has trouble with letting people just walk him back against the cage. I think Diaz would destroy him Phone Post

ortman166 - 

Thiago has trouble with letting people just walk him back against the cage. I think Diaz would destroy him Phone Post

Man, if Alves is aggressive with his leg kicks he would brutalize Diaz.

But I feel that most people try to have a pissing contest with Nick in the cage and end up with their back against the fence getting punched in the face.

I don't think Alves could mentally handle Nick's pressure. If he could, though, he'd probably win comfortably just by kicking Nick's legs Phone Post

Alves gets bullied at times but I'd say Nick looks to be one of the physically weakest fighters in the UFC. Alves should be able to keep off the cage.

As mentioned, his leg kicks could give Nick some serious trouble, but the reach mismatch (I'm only assuming here) might even it up for Diaz. Phone Post

It would be te same as the Cyborg fight =) Phone Post

Both are really strong where the other is weak (Alves with leg kicks and strength and Diaz with his attack against the cage and cardio) and there styles guarantee a fast paced war. This fight would be incredible and is the perfect fight to make after GSP beats Diaz. Phone Post

I could see Nick walking Alves down but I could also see Alves throwing some insane leg kicks... Tough call. Phone Post

Sugar Dick -

Thiago aint got a chance in all hell. Diaz will pepper that boy with blows until he get knocked the fuck out.

Lmfao!! Phone Post

Thiago has little to no chance. He is a fighter who cracks and Nick is one of the best pressure fighters in the sport.

AnakinHelwani -

Gd gif thaigo would slam nick with those kicks Phone Post