Thiago: "I will slap Feijao around like Vera"

Saturday - UFC on Fuel TV 10

"Feijao thinks he's a superstar now – I tried to be cool with him, to talk to him," Silva said. "Now he's acting like he doesn't know me. He thinks he's a Hollywood celebrity.
"When I rain down punches on his face, what is he going to do? I never disrespect anyone before a fight, but he's talking too much. I want to see what he does when I slap him around like Vera."

Lol silva don't give a fuck! Phone Post

Cannot fucking wait for this fight. Phone Post 3.0


Feijao by KO in the 1st

Is he back/still on the juice? Phone Post 3.0

Leck Brosnar - Feijao by KO in the 1st
That's where I'm leaning Phone Post 3.0


Haven't they both tested positive?

WAR JUICE Phone Post 3.0

This should be a great fight. Both guys come to fight Phone Post

feijao will win


















Silva is going to get ko'd

War Silva, he is one crazy man.

Feijao is going to wreck him Phone Post

Can't wait to see wtf happens Phone Post

Lol does Silva ever not talk like a boss? I bet he tucks his kid in at night with pre-battle motivation speeches Phone Post

I would like to see Thiago fight Vera at HW. He will get eaten alive. That being said Thiago is fun to watch he brings a different kind of intensity. A great gatekeeper. Phone Post 3.0

I always said Thiago was like a lesser version of Feijao (even down to the roiding). Now I finally get to see if I was right.

Should be an exciting fight! Both pack big power and are very aggressive.

Thiago's best weapon is his top game, guard passes and GNP. But I don't think he can take Feijao down or keep him there, Feijao has very good TDD and scrambling. Feijao also has extremely good BJJ. And better standup IMO.

Zed Wayne Zed - I was so sad when Machida totally ended the hype.

And I was mad when he almost took out Rashad, or at least got close.

Come on Thiago, back to the winning side.

(Pass them drug test! lol)
Thiago was gonna be such a killer and I hope he's still taking a seriously and wants to hold the belt.

War Thiago Phone Post 3.0