Thiago or Machida as next champ?

I personally think either one of these guys is gonna be champ soon. Machida beats Rampage on technicality, and I think Thiago could submit him. I'm hoping Machida will take the belt, and Thiago will get the title shot. Who takes it? I can't call a winner. Amazing matchup.

WAR Machida!

LMFAO. Machida is going to pick Tito apart worse than Chuck did!

Machida finds himself on the bottom too much to beat Tito or Rampage

Wrestling is King in UFC. Always has been, always will be.

If Rampage fights Thiago he's doomed. Chute Boxe has Rampages number.

Tito will G&P Machida. Thiago has great potential, he can submit alot of the top guys. He won't take out Rampage but, if given the chance, could take down Machida.

Tito will most likely be facing Babalu in EliteXC after Machida annihilates him. Thiago is going to breeze through his next fight.

yup. tito hasn't destroyed anyone since ken shamrock and lyoto has never been destroyed in his entire life. machida will rape him.

 Machida and Thiago are two of the next generation of LHW fighters in the UFC.

Both are undefeated...Both have great stand up (albeit Machida's style is a little bit different but still effective) and both have BJJ black belts.

I can't root against either and I am looking forward to watching EITHER of them fight.

Not to crimp anyone's style here, but I don't really see where all the hype about Thiago's coming from. He's really good, no doubt, but I don't see anything about him that makes me think he's this next great champ that he's being made out to be.

if machida beats Tito then he will be champ imo. nobody can contend with his standup. his wrsetling is the question.

Thiago will never be champ

Thiago is fantastic, Machida as well. I hope both of them shake up the division this year.


Thiago reminds me of Vitor in his prime.

 Thiago's sick...I like the "throat cut" schtick he's got going.

 Why would someone expect Thiago to sub Rampage?

it wont be Machida. He is gonna get raped by Tito.

orcus -  Why would someone expect Thiago to sub Rampage?

Because he's the most overrated 205er in the UFC by a mile. Machida is also being slightly overrrated in his fight with Tito, with people saying how he'll KO or submit Tito easily (won't happen), but Thiago is far more overrated.

Thiago has no wins over anyone in the Top 20, and Irvin was beating Thiago in the standup before Irvin blew his knee out. Thiago isn't taking Rampage down, and he doesn't want to trade with Rampage either.

Tito is gonna ragdoll on it.