Thiago Silva vs. Lyoto Machida at UFC 93

By Guilherme Cruz

Photos Marcelo Alonso


One of the most expected bouts of UFC 89, Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva would face each other in October, in a fight that would force one of them to know how a loss tastes for the first time. After Thiago’s injury, that forced the disappointing cancellation of the bout. After many rumors, some secure sources informed that this fight will still happen, and it’s set to happen at UFC 93, in January 31st, in MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas. Stay tuned on for more news about UFC.

UFC 93: JANUARY 31, 2009

venue: TBA in Las Vegas, Nevada

Welterweight Bout:

-Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn

-Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

-Dan Cramer vs. Matt Arroyo

 UFC 93 = Good.


I'll be making a Vegas trip for this one.

 I'll be rooting for Machida just so I don't have to see Thiago strutting around with his neck stuck out and mean face.

I hope Thiago smashes him, thiago is an animal

Go GSP!!

Lyoto wins

WOW what a great match-up on paper.

Both of these guys are awesome.

I hope Thiago doesn't get frustrated chasing the Macheetah (most people do, and end up paying for it.).

It looks like a killer card.

Looks like Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva got moved to UFC 92. oh well...

Yeah, U can't have too many good fights on one Card, Card :)


I guesse Thiago is the only guy who will fight Lyoto.

Sucks that we only got to see Lyoto fight once in 2008.

 That is going to be a great fight!

That card looks amazing even without Silva-Page (though I keep hearing that it is being moved to 93, then back to 92, then 93 so who knows). The next few UFC cards have some awesome fights.

I dont understand why there planning the preliminary / unaired fights before getting the whole televised card official yet

Arroyo vs. Cramer ?

 ufc 91 is pretty ridiculous.... we need some big fights

I wish I hadn't bought tickets to this event and waited for 93. Im pissed. I cant afford to go to 93