thiago silva vs machida

pay me later joe silva

I was thinking the same thing yesterday lol. At least one of them should get a shot after Forrest though imo

Thiago needs to beat someone good first.

I think he should fight Rashad. Either guy winning would have a good excuse to go into a title fight, being undefeated.

Thiago hasn't earned that fight.

i just think that their styles match well

both have good striking

and both are adequete on the ground

machida will be a favorite but i think thiago could suprise

That would be a good fight. I also like the Rashad idea- 2 undefeated guys going at it with a cash of styles.

I worry about rashad taking on game opponents

bc i feel the only way he can beat a game opponent is either laynpray

or dancing outside of range up on points

killing a good future fight