Thiago Silva vs. Matt Hamill

Up next... I got Silva

Brutal bashing for Hamill, surely. Hamill looks about 15 years older than the last time I saw him.

I'm kinda scared for Matt :((

I feel bad for matt ans the fight hasn't even started. Hope its a good fight. Phone Post

Thiago is HUGE Phone Post 3.0

This fight sucks. I hope Hamill somehow manages to KO that douche.

Thiago for sure has round 1 Phone Post

Silva looks tired already. Phone Post

Thiago looks slowed down, and yes fat.

rgONE - Thiago is HUGE Phone Post 3.0

This, he looks enormous. This has already lasted longer than I expected.

RoysBellyRollzz - I'm kinda scared for Matt :((

Shut up dumbass he's got this

Thiago looks twice Hamill's size and Matt is not small.

Silva can't stop takedowns. Hammil should just spam them until Silva is too tires to fight. Phone Post

It's weird because occasionally Matt throws a fast punch, but most of the time his hands are slow as molasses.

Matt looks like he's fighting underwater. This is painful to watch.

why is matt even still fighting? he doesn't belong in there

one round a piece

Thiago dominated both rounds Phone Post

They should go to the decision after this round. Phone Post 3.0