Thiago Tarves was ROBBED


I agree, but apparently the judges favor punches over positional dominance and submissions.

he lost imo...

STFU he was not robbed. What a bunch of crybaby shit that is. He lost the fight, it was a good effort but let's be honest...he fell short.

Close fight, but the UFC has long rewarded fighting safe over taking chances.

The Fitch/Diego fight was close enough to debate, but i think we finally have a case of legit "robbery" with Tavares not getting the nod.

he lost. it's surprising one judge gave him the nod.

I wouldn't say he won it hands down but he won. In fact, a better decision would have been to call it a draw, but...


Tyson Griffin beat Clay Guida
Tyson Griffin beat Thiago Tarves

You just don't understand fighting or judging.

I really wanted Tavares to win, but I believe he lost. No question about it. But, what the hell? He's only 22 years old. He will only get better.

I wasn't keeping track of who scored what, but there were some awful individual decisions on that card.

29-28 Liddell was a joke

29-28 Sanchez was a joke

30-27 Tyson Griffin was a joke

If those 3 came from the same judge, the guy needs to be shot.

Tavares was robbed. People that think he lost must be on crack. What did Tyson Griffin do to win besides escape from subs? He got mounted, his back got taken, he got nailed with a huge knee, he got taken down! So how the fuck did he win rounds 2 and 3??? I'll give him round 1, but he definitely lost rounds 2 and 3.

When they showed the highlights the only ones Tyson Griffin had were him escaping from sub attempts.

Completely agree with the robbery comments. Lots of fucked up judging tonight. Chuck lost 29-28 yet 1 judge gave it to him? Diego gets 1 judge (Marcus Rosales) to give him the win? I hve no idea how Tavares loses 2&3 when he had multiple takedowns and his back on several occassions plus many sub attempts. I just don't get the judgin sometimes.

Tavaras took chances to finish, and Tyson just tried to not get subbed, stay on top and punch, yeah, he got top mostly cause Tavaras tried subs and missed.But maybe Tyson was smart, maybe he knew the way most judges score.I do, I think most of us do.The UFC has long set a precedent that fighting safe wins, thats way Fitch beat Diego and Griffin beat Tavaras.I don't like the criteria the boxing commission uses, but it's known what they use.So considering that Tyson earned it, and Tavaras didn't.He fought dumb, largly I think his trainers are to blame.

Well it must be a sign that Joe Rogan was hardcore cheerleading for scoring changes on the broadcast. There are way too many wacked out decisions happening. Cecil Peoples again is a complete fucking retard.

After rewatching the fight, it was very close and the decision could have gone to Thiago.

Thiago is a beast and still undefeated imo

ok so sitting on top and avoiidng getting submitted is the way to win? yeah, great sport.

no, fitch OWNED diego... why would ANY judge give diego the W for that
fight? oh wait, Rosales scored it for sanchez? hmm, i wonder if theres any
connection... what's that? their both hispanic, you say? nah, couldnt be...

the tavaras fight was a good one, but i thought griffin won 29-28.

not sure how ANY judge gave chuck the W. he got O(L)NED...