Thiago Tavares Not Resigned

By the UFC , has an upcoming fight with a Brazilian promotion

Dude went from a guy who couldn't make 170, to a small 155lber

big daddy yum yums - He also works at the car wash on washington and vine... had him hit the rims on my truck last week... fuckin guy is alright with a shammy..

Man I really hope you're fucking with us, if not, that sucks bad for him. 

He's not resigned to do what?

He just knocked a guy out in 49 seconds , guy was unconscious , so Tavares stopped the fight himself

Some Brazilian organization

472CKL - 
Resign vs re-sign

Resign, used as a transitive verb, means to give up or relinquish something. Resign, used as an intransitive verb means to leave a position or job. In chess, when one resigns, one ends the game by conceding defeat. To be resigned means to accept the inevitable. Related words are resigns, resigned, resigning, resigner and resignation.

Re-sign is transitive verb which means to sign again. Re-sign may mean the physical signing of a document or the re-engagement of someone under contract with the expectation that another contract will be physically signed. Re-sign first appears in 1805

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