THICK collar, comfortable GI

instead of asking you guys which gi you think is best, ill list the attributes im looking for in a gi, hoping that you can offer some sugestions.

essentially i want something with a nice, thick sturdy collar, but with a thin enough gi material that wont restrict movement too much.

i like the collar on HCK's, though people i know who have them say that the comp single somewhat resrticts movement more than other gi's.

i have a KF gold weave.. which is very comfortable, but th collar is very very thin. i have a koral single weave, which is just like the KF gold weave, but maybe a little LESS comofrtale. i also have what appears to be a gameness double or single(from brazil), which has a nice collar but doesnt seem to be constructed so well.

hopefully you guys have an idea of what im looking for and can offer a suggestion that could help me and others in finding a g.

I think the HCK blue gis are made a little thinner than the white ones, but still have the same thick collar. That is just the feeling I have from owning both.

Howard usually offers solid objective advice, maybe he'll come on.

thanks, D.

does anyone have an HCK standrad single? curious how range of movement in those is.

what about Ouano's? those look comfortable.

I have the standard single. I have never had any trouble with movement (although my game doesnt have much movement in it anyway, lol).

you big clown!

do you have the blue one or the white one(curious because of the comment you made)? how would you describe the fit.


I have a white Standard Single that seems to be a bit thicker in the body material than the blue standard single I also have.

But the standard single is still thinner than the competition single...I think.

whats the difference between comp and standard single??

Usurper - Thanks for your inquiry into HCK. I recommend the Standard Single for you. It has the same collar as the Comp Single and Comp Double, but is much lighter in weight. The Comp Single is more comparable to most other gi companies double weave.
Hope that helps you.

Howard Liu


The HCK is excellent for what you want. Also worth considering are the American made Gameness gis. Goldweave, comfortable, and with a kickass thick collar. I own a HCK double and a Gamenss. Not sure which one I like better, but they are good gis.

GZFS - i Should patches back in stock in about a week. They are at the silk-screeners. Thank you very much for your support.

Here is a nice back story - Triangle & JiuJitsugear was originally HCK East, back in 1997 when I first started the company. I am glad Triangle has grown to what he is today, and grateful for his continued HCK support.

Howard Liu


Howard, thanks to you and everyone for taking the time to address my questions. You have a stellar reputation on this forum, and I can see why.

Darb, even though you cant say which gi you like better, could you describe some of the differences in say, fit, construction, design between your HCK and your Gameness.

i think howards are well worth the money, theyre probably the best constructed gi ive come across. im just trying to find a gi that best matches up to what im looking for.

When I first started jiu jitsu I had an hck size 6, I was 215 then. Now I'm down to 175, my size 6 is too big, and my size 5 is too small. My absolute favorite gi is my blue gameness gi, size a3. I also have a size a2 koral, but the gameness is the shiznatch! I should try get'n another hck just cuz they're so well constructed.......damm, gi's are like pokemon, gotta get them all!!

i dont understand why no one explains the difference in features.

Does training with a THICK collar make you're choke defenses weak? Since it's harder to choke you?



I have a Howard single and it is the most comfortable gi I own. It doesn't restrict my movement at all.

the single is about $100, and i think that is the direction i will go.

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Howard Liu