Thick Italian Girl

Tiffany Cappotelli Phone Post 3.0

love me some TIBs (Thick Italian Bitches)

. Phone Post 3.0





She has nudes out there with vaj.

tit pics...

I love her. Phone Post 3.0

Burt Reynoldz - She has nudes out there with vaj.
I don't believe you. Only if you provided me links, I may change my mind.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

oh my.  i would put a bib on and eat that ass

In. Phone Post 3.0

First I was watching her body, then after a few times, all I could see was the wedgie lol Phone Post 3.0


This Phone Post 3.0

The more I watch that gif the more I want a second camera filming her from the other direction.  That is the perfect body in my opinion.

She ah make it my breadstick ah fell goo


Butter face

Mark Phone Post 3.0

Mark1 - Butter face

Mark Phone Post 3.0

...annnnnd she'll likely be putting on a good 8 - 12 ponds of fat per year for the rest of her life.

I'll take that nice Italian kitchen.