Thief reports a child abuser to the police

It looks like a thief broke into the house of an infants team soccer coach.
To his surprise, he found among the things that took, a camera and several video tapes that contained recordings of the abuses that the coach had been carrying out on children that he trained.
The thief then decided to anonymously call the police from a public phone booth and report the child abuser. He left all the evidence hidden under an abandoned car near the phone booth where he made the phone call.
The police found the tapes where the thief left them, and started and investigation which led to the arrest of the coach, as he is suspected of abusing more than 10 children.

This all happened in Spain. I'll leave you a link to a newspaper article, if you're interested, use google translator if you dont know spanish.

What do you think of the thief?
I hate motherfucking thiefs, taking stuff that you've work hard to get... But this one might get a pass...

I would pardon him or let him off easy for doing the right thing despite being a scumbag thief. Phone Post 3.0

Theif gets a pass on this one.

Thief gets his hand cut off, then a high five to his stump!!

Child molestors are the worst people on Earth. Even criminals know it.

This was an episode of law and order SVU 

I wonder if in the USA they woould be able to use the information to arrest this guy

good for the thief for not turning his back on one of the most despicable crimes a person can commit, what a swell scumbag... I'd prosecute his ass, else you'd just give him an excuse to keep stealing...

that thief just stole our hearts