Some flower bandits stole all my grandfather's orchids out of his front yard on Manoa Road last night.  The old Poch' has been growing them for 15 years, and was very proud of his stock.  They were nice.

Occasionally random passers-by have stopped at the house, knocked on the door, and asked if they can have one of his orchids...and he ALWAYS says "yes."   This whole situation is just a simple, little thing, right?  Its just flowers, right?  Wrong...because its the principle of the issue.  Gpa is 88 years old and now he's all depressed.  And its another sign that our "aloha spirit" is crumbling at the edges.   

How much does it cost to join the "Death Squad?"


Keoki "No Mo' Orchid" Freitas



No fee, just need a reason.

And that really sucks. Just sad that someone would steal orchids (or anything for that matter) - Very sad.

Double post - Still pissed someone actually stole orchids... wtf!

i think the thieves can sell the orchids at the farmers market or the swap meet for $5 - $15 / each. 

this brings up a whole other topic:

how much stolen shit is sold at the swap meet?  i assume EVERY golf club is stolen.  they oughta close that rats' nest down cuz its pretty damn sleazy.   for every 1 nice thing they sell at the swap meet there are 5000 pieces of crap. 


me thinks it was teh Micros.

If I come across a car full of Micros tonight and I see Orchids in the car....expect a phone call.

Bring the duct tape & rope.

you know the drill.

assholes stole the pots too. they'll probably be wearing them like hats.

 Damn Patrick tell the old boy I'm sorry, as I grow orchids in my waterfall area in my frontyard, so I know how I'd feel!!


Call me for back up!

Copper thieving is big in LA...people have even been killed trying to steal copper wire that was live at the power station.

I laughed, I cried...

...ok, so I just laughed.

3rd world encroachment.

I got me some guns.....I'm in. You know dat Pat.

can always count on hd441.

 see when you live in the hood like I do, nobody steals, they go to nice places like Manoa..


Loads shotgun and waits by window

^the funny thing is that my Gpa's got the only simple local-style home along his block of Manoa Road. everyone along there has big, plantation style houses with perfectly manicured gardens and hedges. meanwhile, he lives in an boring green "box" with a flat roof. seems to me thieves would go right by the house owned by the Pocho in favor of the nicer houses owned by the local Japanese and mainland Haole neighbors.

True story:

friend of mine has a gas station. they wanted to get rid of an office desk so they placed it outside figuring someone will drive by and pick it up. Nothing.
Weeks go by nothing.

So he places a "For Sale" sign on it.......Gone, next day.

LOL, fukkin sad no!?

Sorry about your Grampa's stuff Patrick.

i'm in

thanks for the well-wishes. think i may take my Gpa to Femme Nu to cheer him up. well, it would make me happy...and i know he's happy when i'm happy.

and thats a funny-ass (but sad) story about the "for sale" office desk.

Truely funny would be seeing your "G-pa" going nuts at Femme Nu!

Be sure to keep defibrillator handy.


 jimmy took the words right out of my mouth. 

Three words - Blame the Micros

BTM=new web acronym. could it become more popular than "LOL"?

I've said it before and I'll say it again...karma is a mo fo. I totally believe in it because its been kicking my ass my entire life.

Don't worry gramps Freitas, those bastards will get it in the end.

 Maybe Gramps has good Karma, you take him to Femme's he'll hook up! lol

watch the hartattack though