Things ninja of love loves...

other than the obvious (matt damon), I'd like to thank some people for my successful debut at 135.

First, of course, my team, Ronin MMA in Ottawa. Merci beaucoup to everone, all my training partners in the club, and of course all of team little guy!

Thanks to Wade Shanley for getting me ready and being the sexiest corner man I could ask for.

Big thanks to everyone at Aggression MMA, Harvey and Bobby, and everyone that we met and helped us out this weekend (Mike Froese). We had a great time, met some great people and really felt at home in Edmonton.


Nick youre one bad man. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watchin ur fights, especially since the KOTC at Rexall last year. Cant wait to see whats next!



i miss being part of RONIN's team little guy. god bless you, you sprightly little pixies! and of course congrats to nick "the king of the pixies" denis!

 Any time Ninja, any time.

We can now add the Ghetto Kick to the Wind Kick, two moves developed in Edmonton!


Ronin MMA

Congrats Ninja.

Love watching you fight!