Things people do in training

What are some things people do in training that piss you off ??
One huge thing that used to piss me off was when I was getting ready for a fight and someone would throw a side kick to my knee . Like dude chill , we’re teammates.
Another one is when a new guy comes in and balls to the wall during drilling .


Thing that has been pissing me off a lot lately is people grabbing fingers


Oh ya , a few fingers is one thing but individual digits is not cool . I had a white belt grab my big toe and crank it and I yelled tap. He got up all stoked . I’m like bro , I’m beating your ass lol


Lol I train with a monster of a black belt who if by some chance I’m able to get his back with a deep collar and stringing his ass up in a bow and arrow, he’s using both his hands to grab a finger with each one and making them do banana splits. Pisses me off lol when I tell him he almost split my hand in two he says “no I have more than one finger it legal” and I’m like dude! You gotta have more than one finger in each hand, in fact grab the whole hand with your hand not use two hands and break two of my fingers lol

I attribute it to him being a judo guy. Every high level judo guy I know is mean as hell and I end up bloody and battered at the end of a nice friendly 5 minute half paced round


I shall tell Sam you’re a pussy

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Stinky people piss me off. Wash your fucking gi. Wash your ass. Nobody likes that shit.

When you show up to class you should be fresh.

Note that NOBODY said fresh for a DATE covered in cologne. Im talking to you, Armenians.


Isn’t it only legal to grab 4 fingers? I didn’t think you could grab 1-3

No self respect for yourself or teammates. Ridiculous. Coaches should tell you to leave if you come into the gym stinking.



Spaz white belts are the worst .


The ultimate BJJ neutralizer……the finger grab.

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Lol sorry that was for Hawaiian Blues/Rams. It’s the black belt judo guy he is talking about.

Fuck this quoting system thing

Lol … I was confused . Im like I have a sister named Sam … maybe he knows her lol


In the heat of the moment, when it’s the Wednesday night adcc or worlds finals simulation match round you gotta do what you can to not get submitted lol


Gonna need pics to know if I know her or not!

Lol fuck you


Careful, he may take you up on that offer.

Oil check drills.

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