Things people forget about Diaz

1) He trains regularly with Sheilds and is equal to or better on the ground.

2) Shields beat Sanchez at ADDC.

3) Lawler was / is a great wrestler and had trouble taking Diaz down. Diaz CAN defend the takedown well.

4) Diaz has fought many guys with better standup than Sanchez... and picked them apart, even KO'd some of them.

5) Diaz is very well conditioned, he can go forever.

Sanchez is a great fighter, but he is unproven. Wether you suck Diaz's dick or Sanchez's burrito, Diaz has to be the favorite. I'm shocked @ the 13 year olds on this forum saying Diaz has no chance.

5Either way, alot of questions will be answered @ UFN November. (edited to list proper show)

I wouldnt predict it one way or the other. Deigo's ground game is good, but his takedowns are obvious. I can see Nick fending them off or catching Deigo as he shoots.

I like them both. Great fight. Can't wait to see it.

When getting ready for upcoming fights, I usually take the stance of a fan for a certain fighter or a fan of the sport. This is definitely one I'm looking forward to as a fan of the sport. Both guys are cocky, and both guys seem to be solid. Should be a great fight. Anything I say in regards to one or the other would be me hating, or riding the other's bandwagon. I dont care who really wins except the MMA fans in this one.

This is on the free show right?

diego might look a lil silly out there in this one

Diaz is a tough mofo.

tee hee hee!!!!!!!!!!! You got to love Diaz quote of the year: "I was hoping to fight a top 10 fighter"

I would imagine everyone really considers Diaz the favorite even if based solely on record and experience.

I don't remember Lawler trying to take Nick down, though.

Your right, Lawler didn't try to take him down, my bad.

Lawler should return and fight Riggs. lol Sorry my post is totally random.

Nick is going to murder him in the octagon.

I haven't been this excited since gsp vs Matt hughes..... Styles make fights.

I thought Diaz was going to be fighting a top 10 fighter?

I think this will be a very competitive match. Diaz stands a better chance than anyone else Sanchez has fought, but don't underestimate Sancheze either - he has a lot of momentum right now and both are very well conditioned. Looks to be a great fight -- they should make a Pay-per-view out of this!

Diaz is a tough oponent for anyone, and definitely the best fighter than
Diego has ever faced. Diego has the better wrestling and should be able
to get top position. I don't think standing skill will be a huge factor since
Diaz doesn't show much takedown defense and doesn't mind hitting the
ground. Diego hits very hard from the top and has excellent guard
passing skills. Diaz might be a little better at Jui Jitsu (but maybe not) and
he might be able to regain top position, who knows, but I'd still have to
go with Diego as the probable victor here.


Good points, roll2win, but did Robbie actually ever try and take Nick down?

Diaz-Sanchez is going to be a barnburner.


What is the date of this show?