Things People Say...

That make you instantly realize you have nothing in common.

"Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper of all time"

"I don't believe in spanking kids"

"Cagefighting isn't a sport" Phone Post

"i suck dick' Phone Post

"I don't do one night stands."

lars_schifinkter - "I don't do one night stands."

Good one. More often than not those chicks just don't want you to think they're a slut- a couple drinks and some insincere comments about how classy they are and they're down on all fours doin' the carpet crawl. Phone Post

Anybody who uses the word "blessed"..

"Have a blessed day"

"Be blessed"

"I'm not lucky, I'm blessed" Phone Post

"another day in paradise"

"another day another dollar"

"first off i want to thank god"

nobadanymore - 'I have always hated you and we don't have anything in common' Phone Post
Touché! Phone Post 3.0

Blah blah blah ...irregardless....blah blah blah Phone Post 3.0

Stay at home mom is a full time job Phone Post

"Decaf please" Phone Post 3.0

Wait a second, you hit your kids?

Are you a lazy or an uneducated parent? Phone Post 3.0

Twinning. Phone Post 3.0

No beer for me, I'm driving Phone Post

"Fedor is GOAT abloo abloo abloo"

Had a chick tell me she'd been raped on our very first date.

Well, technically it was at the end of our first date....and I had just raped her so... Phone Post 3.0

"It is what it is" Phone Post

Insert every bullshit business bingo phrase here Phone Post 3.0

"My church group..."

"Social issues are more important than the economy."

"I'm going to the Nickelback concert." Phone Post 3.0

"I post on the UG" Phone Post

HST - "It is what it is" Phone Post

This. Dumbest motherfucking statement ever. Phone Post