Things that made your gym/dojo dope?

Lame spin from previous thread.

What are the awesome things about your gym? 

It's right downstairs and I pick whoever is allowed down there.

Coming to class and randomly seeing famous fighters or the mats filled with balck belts.

Taking private lessons with John Danehar. Getting to roll with Ryan Gracie before class because I showed up early due to the train schedule. Getting fed to fighters training for amateur kickboxing fights my first day taking thai boxing there. It was some of the best times of my life.

Also when Renzo fought Carlos Newton, I asked him what he planned to sub him with. He asked me what I think he should go for and I told him watching his fights, he should go for the knee bar. Renzo almost ended the fight with a knee bar. When he came back from Japan, he walked straight up to me at my next class and said, “how the hell did you know he would be open for the knee bar?” Made my day back then.

Paulson brings out his orgonites and crystals and has us meditate after training 


My gym is cool for me because it’s ran by a professional. My gym is part of an affiliation and they really focus on instruction and curriculum. The black belt that runs it is consistent with rules, procedures, promos etc.

As the gym membership has grown, improvements to the gym came. That’s kind of nice to see if you ask me.