Things to do and see in Paris?

Paris sucks. Paris and Rome are the two places people are constantly disappointed in for their vacation. And it’s usually the places people go because of name power for unseasoned travelers. France could be good, but fuck vacationing in Paris. Parisians suck


I agree with you and what you say matches up perfect with everything I’ve read from people who have been to Paris over the past ten years. I have no desire to ever go to Paris. You said “it’s France” and you said they suck so that was the perfect e-opportunity for that Andre gif, thats all.

you travelled hours, spent a lot of money and time and went to a epicenter of world art, culture, architecture… and then went to Hard Rock Cafe. With all due respect, you’re a douchebag.


My primary choice is Monaco

What other regions would you recommend?

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Visit the site of the Great Gracie Battle and then leave a flower on Lil Pepe’s grave.

RIP Lil Pepe.


I lived there for a period mid-90’s. From what I see out of Paris today, I recommend you cancel that ticket and take the family to Austria or Switzerland instead.


Go to McDonald’s and get a Royal With Cheese.

I lived in a town named Pornichet for six months in 2012. It was absolutely beautiful and right on the ocean, my balcony overlooked the beach. The people were the nicest and friendliest collective group I have ever encountered. Judging all French as Parisians would be like judging someone from Kansas off a trip to NYC.

For Europe? I’d much prefer the Croatian coast, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Amsterdam. I’d go anywhere other than Paris TBH.

Hitler was right…Paris is beautiful in the springtime…