Things to do in Albuquerque?

Gonna be in Albuquerque this week for work, any suggestions on things to do as far as nightlife is concerned? Will be busy during the day but have my evenings open. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Phone Post 3.0

Cook meth.

Guzzle moonshine Phone Post 3.0

Go to Cherrycola's bar and slap the pedo Phone Post 3.0

Get stabbed Phone Post 3.0



Drive drunk?

?? Phone Post 3.0

it may be new, but it's still Mexico.

Smoke meth Phone Post 3.0

Steven McTowelie - Weed?


Drive drunk?

?? Phone Post 3.0
Im not Jon Jones bruh Phone Post 3.0

Pablo Duke - Leave.

Unless you're there doing the PJ med course, in which case: embrace the suck. It will end eventually. Phone Post 3.0
Nothing that extravagent, just selling potrait packages to people. Is there really that little to do? Phone Post 3.0

KJ! - Suck Jon's dick. Phone Post 3.0
Maybe thats who I really need to be asking what to do out here, guy's always gettin into trouble for havin too much fun Phone Post 3.0