Things to keep in Mind when readin

The bible. Oops. THe Thread title is really short there.

I know maybe some of you might dispute this. But this is something quite interesting that most Christians do not know about. Surprisingly.

1. Your a gentile. Most of the bible is/was written for the old Jews. (unless your a jew.) But even then, I believe all of the bible is good and God inspired. Therefore it doesn't mean you should just dish it out of the bible.

2. There are things Jesus said and some things differ in Pauls writings, because Jesus haven't died for the sins of the people yet. thats why, Some things Jesus did say contradicts concerning law vs. grace.

3. There are different covenents(Commandments/promises) in the bible relating to different times in the bible. Thats why we aren't supposed to sacrifice cows and goats anymore. Or do not eat the fruit in the garden. Heheh.

4. God is a good God, he's not a angry God, all his anger has been poured out on Jesus. There are certain things he does for certain purposes, God is a being bound by His own word or laws. Thus It's an orderly universe. Very interesting to study the things He do and His purpose for it.

5. In the bible, if they say 'god' Without the capital G, it could mean it's a demon or some kind of foreign being. (angel, giant, demons,etc.). The simple fundamental of this partly explains the "I have said you are gods" thread. Umm. Together with the below portion.

6. The Bible never had chapters or verses. Thats why when reading, if you come across repetitions, it's meaning that it's important. Don't just read a single verse. Rather read the whole thing and whats it's about.
Most classic of cases is Hebrews 6.
About experiencing the fullness of Gods grace and if you turn, you cannot come back. A out of context verse if you only read the chapter. You have to read on/before.

Most Christians don't know that the Bible "is/was written for the Old Jews."

Are you talking about the Old Testament or New?Obviously Pauls letters in the NT were to believers,not to just Jews or Gentiles although most of them were Gentiles.

"There are things Jesus said and some things differ in Pauls writings,because Jesus haven't died for the sins of the people yet."

What?Paul (or Saul)did not convert until several years after Jesus had been crucified.

There are no sacrifices anymore because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

"He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins,and not only for ours but for the sins of the whole world." -1 John(2:2)

old Jews? WTF is an old Jew, I gotta be over 50 to qualify?

edit: And some parts did have natural breaks, the major prophets speeches to different cities.

Fadiga = Yup. OT. Sorry I didn't quite clarify. Jesus was also talking to the Jews. And in the Gospels as well. Got no time right now. I'll go into it some other time.

Sorry, I wrote everything on top at the thought of my head without really reading through it. Heheh.

Martial Shadow= Old Jew. You gotta be One thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy One years old to be a "old jew." (2004 - 33 years). :)


you sound like an old jew right now ;) Maybe its whats in your heart that counts, eh?