Things you hate about BJJ right now

New school dick grab


Guy actually tried cross collar choking me from inside my closed guard. Also some bullshit wrist lock attempt. It was way out of character.


I walked in to the end of a beginner lesson and the coach had the students lined up and was giving them the run down of how and when to use oss … it was odd and pathetic.


Bjj is a constant reminder of how old I’m getting. Started training 18 years ago and the loss of flexibility, conditioning, etc has been a sobering dose of reality.

I don’t hate anything about the sport, I hate that I can’t be 20 forever with all the time/focus/energy in the world anymore.


never…the answer is never use “oss”


Meh, I enjoy training.

Teach the kids class 3 nights a week and train 3 nights a week (usually roll 2x and spar 1x).

I don’t get sucked into any of the drama and don’t shape my persona around my MMA gym.

I’m too old to run around repping “Tap, Snap, or Nap” shit and don’t go on about my gym at social gatherings.

Mrs. Crawler knows that I go there as I’m a totally different person when I’m not trying to choke the life out of someone a few times a week and cause it’s cheaper than therapy.

Was rolling with a white belt the other day and let him get the arm bar and I tapped. Dude started going on about how he tapped someone that has been training so long. My younger self would have smashed him the next round but what’s the point? I let people think what they want to think. Next round I set up sub after sub and let it go to just flow through the round.

Training is what you make of it. You can’t control other people so I laugh off most shit. If a white belt starts spazzing I will tell them to chill. If they don’t I will match their energy till they get the point.

In any case, actually heading out the door for 8pm advanced class so I’ll leave everyone with an Oss!!! LOL :grin:


Same way. Now I just laugh it off. I find it amusing to hear someone brag about tapping me with a triangle having no idea it was the 15th triangle I had put myself in in the last 1/2 hr to work on my triangle escapes :slight_smile:


Every tournament or association has a different set of rules … and I’m too old to do any of them!


I felt the same for so long. And I still might. Honestly after 22 years of no-gi/mma, Gi has just been something new to learn to keep it interesting. Starting to taking strictly Gi classes since August 1st.


Gracie Barra


Practitioners who were their gi on an airplane.


I was going to shit on your point but then remembered a training partner that couldn’t hack it in the LA Golden gloves so they flew to Minnesota to compete there.

This. The only thing that still annoys me in jiu jitsu is the goofy bastards who put jiu jitsu stickers on their cars and wear those lame-ass “joke” jiu jitsu t-shirts. I don’t say anything to anyone about it, I just find it gay and annoying. Been training jiu jitsu, boxing, muay thai for years, but I don’t tell anyone I train in anything. I just train. Only my family and close friends know.


That it’s fuckin cold right now. Takes me forever this time of year to warm up

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still not enough women doing it

This. I want to learn the Brazilian-style of Jujutsu for self-defense/Vale Tudo. Not wrestle in between some guy’s legs for several mins on the mat.


great post


BJJ gyms opening and in 5 weeks closing or moving.

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There’s no such thing as a “cheap” sub. There are just subs, some more high percentage than others. If you get caught in something you consider “cheap” you need to reevaluate your game and realize you have holes