Things you might hear next Sunday

This thread is dedicated to the haters who will proclaim their keyboard warrior skills come next Sunday night.

Here is a list of things you may (and likely will) read on these board come next Sunday.

  • See I told you Anderson Silva wasn't that good.

  • Marquardt was overrated.

  • Tito is done

  • Rashaud was overrated.

  • Heath Herring needs to retire.

  • UFC puts on a horrible show. This card sucked

  • Sherk was overrated.

  • Hermes was overrated.

  • Gomi would kill Sherk.

  • Gomi would kill Franca.

  • Tito would get killed by Shogun.

  • I knew he'd lose all along. Pats self on the back

  • Why was the Kflo fight on the main card but not the Frankie Edgar fight?

Alright people feel free to add your own...The experts will smash their keyboards with a vengeance come next Sunday...

"- Heath Herring needs to retire."

With all due respect to Heath, he has been needing to do this ever since he left Holland

"Why was the Kflo fight on the main card but not the Frankie Edgar fight?"

Well, that's a completely legitimate question. Ken is the only LW who's had a title shot, so he's a long way from another. Edgar is someone possibly on the way up, so he needs to be shown.

Good. Let's hope the Idiots will read that List and decide that enough has been said. Then we can actually have some mediocre quality Threads and an occasional good one for a Change.

Rogan was high as a kite.

That fight was stopped way to early.

The reff let that go way too long.

Fuck the _______ Athletic commision.

Dicaprio got caught doing blow on camera aagain.

Eddie Bravos scoring was flawless and the enunciation and pentameter he used whilst speaking was both breathtaking and inspiring.

"Sherk is boring"

I'm excited, I think the Pride Supremecists will be MIA for a while because of 73/4/5. Kinda hard to dump on the UFC with those cards.

 - Thank god that I'm not a whiner, and I love watching MMA so often now.

Probably not.

  • This building is ELECTRIC

-OMG Rashad's face looks like smashed pumpkin!

-Frank Shamrock could beat Anderson Silva.

-That wouldn't happen in Pride. Ask Giant Silva.

  • ______ just got caught...wouldn't happen again...