Things you miss, things you dont.

Post what you really miss about lockdown, and things you could do without forever.

I miss:

Getting a massage
Getting a haircut
INternational Travel

Things I dont care if they ever come back:

Working in an actual office instead of remote.
Talking to delivery people instead of contactless dropoff.
Team sports of any kind.
Awards shows.
Formal Clothing
Dry cleaning
Public Transit

I miss:

MMA, raw doggin randoms, 

Dont miss: 

Most other shit


Tested positive for missing the homies :(

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BJTT-OGtripleOG - 

Tested positive for missing the homies :(


Breakfast at the NoHo diner after a long night. 

Brockback Mountain -
BJTT-OGtripleOG - 

Tested positive for missing the homies :(


You said you wouldn't show anyone!!

Miss Gym booty.

No matter how good or bad my day at work was, i could always rely on the tight asses in yoga pants at the gym daily

I miss the gym, live music, barbecues and parties. 

Overall this has personally been a net positive experience. I get paid for full time and work probably 16 hours every 2 weeks. Don’t have to leave my dog during the day, sex on the reg, good food on the reg, tv/video games on the reg.

I miss:

Playing gigs with my bands.


I don't miss:

Having to drive 45 minutes each way to work and back every fucking day.

Dealing with idiots at work.

All the other bullshit life brings with it.


I guess pretty much the only thing I miss is playing gigs with my bands.  Everything else can go suck giant donkey dicks.

I know a lot of people are depressed and anxious having to stay home but I'm one of the few people that will likely be more depressed once everything opens up and life gets back to normal.  As it is I still have to go into the office a few days every month and it sucks.  It's going to suck having to go back to a regular commuting schedule and working in the office instead of managing my own time at home, where I still manage to get all my shit done just fine.  

I miss people being regular annoying pussies. The new hysterical brand of pussy is very irritating. 



-Muay Thai 

- the bar


Don't miss:

- going into the office everyday

- Traffic

- Getting up at 5 AM and not getting home until 8pm.

Dont miss. Asshole drivers 

I miss going out and being social.