Things you wish you wouldn't have sold

I could believe it with the crt tv. I dont know that specific tv with certainty but i know there is lots of items worth bank to game collectors. Crt tvs definitely have a following because of their authenticity to the experience and well thats what classic consoles were designed to work with

Weed to that one kid in middle school

Bitcoin at 6k and 17k

My 84 corolla hatchback


I still have an 81 Corolla Hatchback.

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73 dodge challenger…440

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Most of the houses I owned prior to real estate exploding.

Shadow, Star Trek Next Generation and Adams Family Pinball Machines. Goddamn I miss those things.

My dad died a year and a half ago. I was supposed to buy the property from my brother and sisters but my brother was being an dumbfuck and wanted wayyy to much money. We ended up selling the property as is.

I originally left stuff out there because, of course, I thought my family would work with me on the price but nope. My dad didn’t have much but I would have liked to have gone through it. I’m trying to get into hunting and fishing, and he had a bunch of gear out there. He also had these really cool 2 or 3 month survival buckets, probably around 50 of them. I wish I had that as well. So to answer the question is guess my dad property.

Looking back we were fighting over 10k. My brother and I will never talk again and all my dads stuff is gone. We left some of his ashes in his favorite chair which I had shipped back to me. I also had them ship all his Vietnam books back to me. I always think about the things that were special to him that are now gone. However, as many of you know, when someone passes you just can’t keep everything and it’s hard.

Miss ya dad


This is the very un-techy explanation, hopefully someone can expand on it. It has something to do with original copies of older games actually looking better on CRT TV’s. They were not made for HD and seem slightly off.

My motorcross bike in 08.

Sold it cause wife was always on my ass even though I never rode it.

She left anyway.

I’ve got two now, going to run my first race at 39 in December. Do what you want that makes you happy boys. These hoes ain’t loyal and 1/2 of them are gonna leave anyway. 10 years without my favorite thing to do. Can’t get that time back.

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My class ring. The year was 1980, the US was in a deep recession, I had been laid off from my job and had rent and car payment due. Oh well, it helped to pay some bills.

I sold tvs during that time and a 36" Sony triniton flat-screen crt was the God damn devil. I would do whatever I could to sell a different TV so I didn’t have to load that thing up. That TV had to have weighed 300 pounds. A 65" old school box projection TV weighed less than that son of a bitch. Help a friend move into his apt and we had to carry that thing up 3 floors.

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I sold pedals by digitech and boss when I was broke and now they’re hard to find and expensive

Rest in peace Pops of STD Machine

My og Winchester model 94 30-30
My 1966 Mustang
My 1972 240Z

79 international scout II, ran perfectly and had AC.

64 mustang

And 1999 gsxr 600 i was halfway done turning into a weird ass bobber

Multiple condos and other real estate. If I’d have put tenents in them and rented I’d be retiring soon

My soul


My 1970 mercury cougar with a 351 Cleveland 4 bll.
60k miles, mint condition

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My first electric guitar. I built it from a kit. It was a strat clone. I assembled and painted it myself. I routed it out so I could put a Dimarzio humbucker in the bridge position, and had a brass nut installed. It would be almost 40 yrs old now. I wonder if it still exists.

Yeah, crt tv’s are better for older gaming consoles…but I look on fb market place all the time, and people are just giving them away. I’m trying to understand why this one is worth thousands.