Things you would change at comps?

What are the things that you guys would change at tournaments and the way they are run?


1) Have a suitable bathroom and changing area that is designated for competitors only. So many tournaments have one bathroom for the competitors and the spectators. Usuall like 4 stalls and 4 urinals.

2) Have the weighing in process more organized. No need to sit around for over an hour after the time weigh in was suppose to start before they start weighing people in. After they finally get there it is more waiting.

Start on time, and run fast. I hate sitting around all day.

Hey zew zitsu, at the Mundials and i think the jiu jitsu US openas well..... competitors had to weigh in at the mat before they competed.

Yea, the sitting around is horrible. I think more tourneys should manage time alot better, letting guys know an estimated time when their weight class will start competition. Also, keep coaches/instructors off the mat. A certain Brazilian instructor literally gets right next to the action, which I do not think is right. Also, white belts should go last, with the superfights in the end.

Give stalling penalties so that guys don't have the need to think
that they can score a half guard and think they can run the rest of
the time. Do that and you will see more submissions which is one
of the reason we do this - not to watch a boring ass hold him in
the guard for three days type thing.


1. Start on time
2. Lower the prices
3. allow muscle locks like keylocks

"they can score a half guard" - what does that mean?
I think that the amount of time (differs from ref to ref) that judo allows on the ground needs to be changed, also standing the players back up when a person stands in guard (regardless of being armbarred or triangled) plus the copious amounts of submissions disallowed in judo, plus all the different gripping penalties...

What tournament doesnt allow keylock's? Do you mean like the bicep splicer?

Double elimination so the occasion that the 2nd or third best guy runs into the #1 guy right away that they are not out. Also that you get your money's worth and you don't drive 6 hours for 3 minutes of mat time.

Double Elimination combined with some method to the madness that currently is seeding.

Draws posted in advance for individual mats so you can determine when you're next to fight.

Clarity and consistency around Point, Advantage and Penalty (especially stalling) application.

Kimono control i.e. have someone sign-off on contestant Kimonos during a pre-divisional weigh-in.

More in CT, Mass, Upstate NY, and/or Vermont!

Coed matches between female flywieght and men unlimited.

Lower prices, more tournaments, plenty of competitors, and scheduled more effeciently.


Why would you want no points if you takedown into the guard? Since when is it easy or not using technique when you take someone down and they are able to obtain guard?