Things you've been hit in the head with

I've been hit in the head with a bunch of weird things, I'm sure some of you have too.

Let's start a list, here are five strange things I've been hit in the head with.

A shovel

A Gumball Machine

A car door (twice in the same day, though admittedly I did this myself)

A Heineken magnum bottle

A bird mid flight (I think it was a finch)

Flashlight Phone Post 3.0

Bird shit Phone Post 3.0

A refrigerator, golf club, car door, windshield, broken crutches, broken broom and of course a penis. Phone Post 3.0

Steel folding chair, beer bottles, liquor bottles, and the roof of the car I rolled 10 years ago.

A guy I went to school with got hit in the head with a dildo in Jr. High.  Fuck that was funny

43 BBCs

The Club antitheft device. Hurt Phone Post





A Corona bottle

A pool cue

And my favorite - a loose cowboy boot. More of a glancing blow.


yes it is a tampon disposal receptacle

oh also was hit in the head with

a radish


Old school rocking horse, a locker, a wall(was a bet), a brick, a door, and countless balls Phone Post

edwims - 

oh also was hit in the head with

a radish


If we are gonna talk just odd stuff that's been tossed at us, I'd have to add in an apple as well...kinda glad it was nice and crisp so it just blew up on my head. The hammer not so much, that more blew up my head.

A dick Phone Post 3.0

A rock
A windshield
A waterski

A 1972 BMW 2002 Camshaft

BMW 860csi Hood

Vodka Bottle


Tractor tire swing, I was10, ko'd. Cell phone in sweatshirt pocket when the wife was pissed I left sweatshirt on back of chair, shattered the screen. A golf ball sized lollipop ion the bus in grade school, lollipop shattered, I didn't feel a thing.

A strippers heel. Yes it hurt and yes I was pissed Phone Post 3.0

Fists too many to count

Feet (twice) soccer style

Beer glass (forehead)

Bat (baseball not flying mammal) To embarrassing to explain, I was swinging the bat, nuff said.

Prosthesis (some fucker with a plastic left forearm with attached hook) who knew?!?

I really need to learn how to duck out of the way more.....