think there won't be more big stars?

what about second generation fighters?

Some second generation athletes to consider -

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, pro wrestling. ...
Dale Earnhardt Jr., stock car racing. ...
Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxing. ...
Cal Ripken Jr., baseball. ...
Ken Griffey Jr., baseball. ...
Kobe Bryant, basketball. ...
Peyton Manning, football.
Stephen Curry, basketball
Barry Bonds, baseball
Brett Hull, hockey

MMA is so young we've barely had enough time to see all the top second generation talent emerge.

Kron Gracie and AJ McKee are two that come to mind.

Ryan Couture?

there are at least 3 or 4 Kevin Fergusons who have a chance to make some waves

Lil Slice fights in bellator 

I hear there a Dada 6000 coming up through the ranks.

There will be. There always is. They wont be a loudmouth like conor or chael though. Thats been played out.

Ray and cyborg will make a champion

Just takes time for the perfect storm to allow the right person to come out and be marketable. I guess it's possible it wont be through the UFC too, maybe another org.

Darren Till