Thinking about a fighters union

I was thinking about a fighter's union, and aside from the obvious pushback and logistical issues that they'd need to sort out (which is complicated and contentious but not the point of this thread) my next thoughts went to who I'd like to see on it. My two picks would be Minotauro and Stann.

Both have character beyond reproach and get respect both in and out of the ring, both have experience fighting in the big show and both are on relatively decent terms with the Zuffa brass.

I understand the last point can be a bit of a problem if they're too close, but the animosity and mud slinging that would happen if it went too far the other way would also be another unnecessary drain on the sport. Both of these guys are guys that will get respect sitting on the other side of a negotiation table. A union would be good to keep Zuffa honest, but it would need to be able to work with the other side as well as against it. I think the two I mentioned would get the guys a fair shake.

Those are my two picks, what active/former fighters would you want to see leading a fighters union?

Dan Henderson is another one. No bullshit kind of guy, respected industry wide, has been on both sides when it comes to Zuffa.

Edit: I'm mostly looking for compromise candidates here, Fitch, Quarry, Wand, Randy are all great guys and trying to do the right thing, but it would be harder A. For a union lead by them to pass due to the resistance it would get and B. For there to be an amiable and working relationship between them and Zuffa. Likewise, I don't think the good old boys club of Chuck, Hughes etc. are good candidates because they're too close to the boss. So I'd be thinking for someone more in the middle.