Thinking about getting Surface Book, feedback?

I'm the general manager and minority shareholder of a small off-premise catering company.  In the last year and change since I took on management, I've spent most of my time in the office overhauling our antiquated processes, streamlining our billing, negotiating with vendors, training staff and so on. Now that most of that is done, or at least well underway, I'm looking to spend much more time at customer sites and our retail space.  Clearly, I can't take my desktop with me and the laptop I bought four years ago is a hulking behemoth with a 17" screen and a ten-key. That was great when I was in business school and working as a consultant and spent most of my day creating spreadsheets, but it's too damn heavy for me to want to keep hauling it around everywhere.

My catering director has a setup with a Surface Pro 3 that seems to work well. She plugs it into the base when she's at the office and when she's not (at least 50% o the time) she brings it with her.  I am looking for a similar kind of set up.  Conceptually, I like the Surface Book better than the Pro because I'm more laptop centric than tablet centric, but having a two-in-one is really appealing to me all the same.  Does anyone on the OG have any experience with these and/or other recommendations?  I do all my gaming on the Xbox, so I'm not concerned with getting the more expensive model with the dedicated GPU, unless it really changes the experience.

tl;dr: going to be working more outside the office. Surface Book a good solution?

Deciding if I want the book or surface Phone Post 3.0

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I've had the book since it released I love it. It's by far the best computer I've ever owned. There were a few glitches when it came out but updates have fixed the majority of them. The only one that annoys me is when it goes to sleep sometimes it will only let me use the touch until I restart it and then the keyboard works that's happened 3 times over the last month so not at the throw it out the indoor and scream it's a piece of junk status.

Battery life is great. It charges fast. I think it's better than the surface. The keyboard is real not a roll up one. it comes with one also so not an extra purchase. It's really light but has a quality weight to it (it doesn't feel like it's cheap). It stays cool, I was worried about temperature initially. 2 USB slots. I have a Bluetooth 10 key and mouse. I use the 10 key when I know I'm going to do a lot of number entry. Rarely do I use the mouse. The combination of the pad and touchscreen are great. Sound is excellent as well as screen quality. I haven't really found anything I don't like.

I also take it out with work and customers have liked it a day asked about it.

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Deciding if I want the book or surface Phone Post 3.0
If i remember correctly the surface has a slightly larger screen than the book. If you can't sacrifice screen get the surface an inch won't make or break you get the book. I think after you add the keyboard and get comparable processors they are real close to the same price. Phone Post 3.0

I have the pro surface 3. Love the thing. It doesn't have much memory though so you'll be dependent on cloud based storage.

I use it as more of s laptop but I do convert to tablet to check email and browse porn.

Great unit - I'm glad I have it. Phone Post 3.0

I adore my surface pro 3 Phone Post 3.0

Way too expensive, an i5 with 4 gig of Ram and 128 gig SSD is 800$.

You could get a Lenovo Yoga for the same price with double the ram and storage specs with a lot more connectivity options.

I would get the i5 if I were you. From what I read the i7 have an issue with heating up too much. I have the i3 and while I love it, its not enough.

I read that if you use the book as just a tablet the battery life is way less but with the keyboard it's great?
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I would get a Surface Pro 4 instead with better specs. There are a lot of bugs with the Surface Book, and quite frankly, it's massively overpriced.

Severnsmustache - I read that if you use the book as just a tablet the battery life is way less but with the keyboard it's great?
This confused me. Phone Post 3.0
Two batteries. 1 in the tablet and one in the keyboard. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the input, everybody.  VU for OutTapped for the review

I just bought my wife a surface pro 3 with 8Gb of RAM and an i7 processor from costco for $1000 after rebate.

Well worth the money. I got her a docking station for her desk.

I have a Pro 4 and it's pretty radical.