Thinking about going back to PS

I've been kind of bored with video games lately and have been playing the play money games on Poker Stars.

Whats the best way to deposit money there now?

I used to use Neteller. Do you mail them a check? Someone said the prepaid Visa thing doesn't work anymore. I have some Pay Pal money if someone wants to make some quick ROI and transfer me the Poker Stars cash.

What do you guys recommend, I was only looking to deposit like $100 and play the $0.10/$0.05 NL tables.

I played there during the 10 billionth hand promotion and the games were so tight I donĀ“t understand why anybody would play there if you can play on some other site. At least as far as the lower limits go. For higher limits I guess they do offer more than other places.

I don't know I've just played there the most I guess and already have an account and like the software.

Where is a good place to play now, where you can deposit money?

People play on Stars because it has the most traffic of all online sites, hence the most fish. FTP would be second I believe.

The easist way to deposit on Stars is via WesternUnion. You can wire money via Western Union at pretty much any supermarket, and it's a 9.95 flat fee regardless of the transfer amount. It also only takes an hour or so to clear the transaction. However, since you're only planning on depositing $100, I don't know if a 10% deposit fee is worth it - regardless, you're gonna have to pay some sort of fee whatever method of deposit you use.

Even playing .5/.10NL, $100 is only 10 buyins - I would suggest having a MINIMUM of 20 buyins for the level you're playing. There will always be variance, and you need the bankroll to sustain any downswings...

Spuds Buckley helped me out and got me $100 on Poker Stars last night.
I turned that $100 into $103.57 in about an hour playing the $0.01/$0.02 NL Hold 'em Tables. Look out people I'M BACK!!!
lol, the strange thing is that the players at Poker Stars' $0.01/$0.02 NL Hold 'em Tables are better than the live Hustler Casino $1/$2 NL tables I play at here in Los Angeles. It's fun to slowly try to improve my game and work more on playing position and less about playing cards. I can't really do that live because I go maybe once every 2 months or so. Online I can play every so often and hopefully improve my game.