Thinking about placing these bets


$50 on Jorge Rivera at +100

$100 on Randy Couture at - 215

$50 on BJ Penn at +225

$50 on Renato Verrissimo at +185


$50 on Heath Herring at -120

$50 on Daniel Bobish at +200

What do you think? Any really stupid choices or obvious omissions? Is there a better way for me to allocate the money? Will I make a net profit?

i would deffinently bet on jorge rivera if he is at +100

I'm betting on him in part because he's a local fighter, also b/c the odds are good

If you bet 50 on BJ Penn at +225 how much would you win?


I woud skip the bet on Randy. You only stand to make
$46. I would bet it on Vitor or split it between the
Verissimo and BJ bets. Good luck!

yeah, I'm sort of torn about the bet on Randy. I know it won't make much, but I also REALLY doubt it will lose. I originally was going to split it on the Penn and Verissimo bets, but got a little gutless.

do NOT bet on Bobish-it's a guaranteed loss...unless they have some sort of an over/under on the time it will take for his eye to get "poked" again.

"Incorrect. He would win 112.50 AND get his 50 bet back."

No, actually you're incorrect. At -215, you'd have to throw down $215 just to win $100.

I don't think Bobish will lose due to eye gouge a THIRD time, so that's not really a concern for me. I just think Igor's a little washed up and Bobish can beat him.

I think a washed-up Igor will still beat a never-was Dan Bobbish...and I'm sure Bobbish will act like he got poked in they eye.....again

I wouldn't bet a penny on BJ Penn....I don't think he stands a chance

I think you should put your money on Gan McGee. I think he's very under-rated and has a great chance of winning.

I think I'm going to put a little bit of money on Vitor. I think Randy will probably win....but Vitor's a big underdog, but I think he could definately win. I think it's worth a shot.

I cannot believe that Rivera is an underdog...I'm putting money on him tomorrow if those odds stay the same :)

My 2 cents

BJ is a good bet. I would bet that bigger, but make sure you cover if he loses by betting enough on Randy that it covers the BJ bet wager. Randy will win. 1. Vitor can be emotional and how can he not have his sister on his mind? 2. Randy walked through Chuck and Tito like they were nothing.

I don't mean to sound cold about vitor, but could any of you focus hard on training with that kind of crisis in your life?

I'm gonna make a 200 parlay bet on Couture and Hughes.

Can you explain the parlay bet?

never mind explaining it - I looked it up online. Is it possible to places parlay bets for fights on

ttt for info on where I can parlay bets on fights

"Incorrect. The line was +225."

ummm, the discussion was about my betting on Randy. the line on Randy is -215

"Incorrect. The line was +225."

The only place Randy is +225 is at the betting window of the Special Olympics.

My revised plan:

$100 parlay on Hughes/Couture

$50 on Rivera at +100

$50 on Curran at +300

$50 on Sims at +148

$50 on Verrisimo at +175

undecided on PRIDE betting

LOL @Sijan. Betting on someone, even in part because they're local? That's why you root for someone, not why you bet on someone.