Thinking abt opening a McDonald's

I have thought abt opening a mc donald restaurant where I live. Population of 23 000.

What would such an investment cost. I want a small place in a mall or something like this.

In opening such a franschise what help would Mc Donald's contribute with.(marketing, purchasing, equipment etc etc.)

I have no experience from restaurants.

I don't think you get to pick where the restaurant goes. You can make some suggestions to them, but from what I understand they make the final decision...

don't do it

What never happen? What you mean by that adonis?

i didn't think that norwegians liked mcdonald's.

Read Fast Food Nation before you make any moves.

1 million liquid is correct.

I heard Sonic Burger is a good alternative. A couple years ago I think you needed about 500K for a turnkey operation.

If you're really serious about starting something like this you can always partner up with somebody who already is in the business.

Adonis has franchised the correct.

The management experience is very important. They don't want to hand over a franchise to someone who's never done it before.

Plus as someone mentioned, if you had a cool mil liquid why the hell would you want a McDonald's?

You'd have to sell a lot of Big Macs to make that kind of money back :)