Thinking of a half sleeve, help

I have been thinking of getting a half sleeve for a long time, but I've also had a hard time picking something. I'm thinking of something of much historical importance like a representation of an event of importance, or maybe an important piece of art.

How hard would it be for an artist to pull this off as a half sleeve and make it look good considering the area?

I know the question is a tough one to answer, but I'm kind of stuck.

It would depend on what you wanted of course but most tattoo artist will sit down with you (time permiting) and draw what you want or sketch out some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Sleeves can be very detailed but you want to ensure you have an artist and not a "scratcher" doing your work.

I'm worried about getting something that's not symetrical. Is it hard to make something like this look good?

Also, what's a scratcher?

A scratcher is a guy that mainly does flash work. His tattooing ability centers around him taking a peice of flash, running it through the stencil maker, and and putting it on the skin.

A scratcher does not have alot of talent when it come to artistic ability.

The symetry won't be a big issue as it will be drawn out and agreed upon prior on paper before it touches the skin. A little perspective and some good shading or color will do the trick.

If you like Japanese style (which I do), check out this guy's work.

he does awesome work.

23 has man boobies... mewbies if you will lol.

Are there any artists who do more "eastern european" work or styles?

23 moobs, definitely scary ass moobs.

That link had some nice work.

Most artist who do the bigger style work, i.e..full sleeves or half sleeves know that one of the best ways to make something big look reall good..not just the way it conforms with the muscule something looks like it 'flows'

This shouldn't be a problem for whoever does it. Search around in you area. Many professional tattooist can do any style you want, and at the same time might have a couple different things that he or she may 'specialize in'. Go into shops and look through portfolios, talk with the guys there.

Trainedkilla, my version of a 'scratcher' is a bit different though. When I broke into the business back in the early 90's a scratcher was someone who tattooed illegally out of their house...Now today that has changed, I know one guy who is fantastic who pretty much does appointment only type stuff out of his house. I couldn't have strangers coming to my house lol..but that's what he does and also paid his dues working at shops for years.

Nowadays scratchers are pretty much the guys tattooing their freinds out of the kitchen on the weekends with homemade machines and a 5th of =)

For Japanese check out Mike Ledger, Mike Rubendall, Greg James, Chris

Greg James and Trevino are awesome.

Bob Roberts.

I'm working on an asian piece. I have a tribal bone dragon on the under part of my bicep and I just got this classic water dragon added to the top.


how about that eastern europe?


What kind of eastern Europe stuff are you looking for?

maybe just a "style" like some artists have done with the japanese art. does such a thing exist?


This is my sleeve outline. It is my artwork but it is based upon a small slave bracelet that Mucha designed.

Any image you have for inspiration can be adapted by a good artist.

That's awesome Visc. I remember the drawing but I don't remember it being "colored" yet. Do you have a pic of the finished drawing?