Thinking of doing an interview series, how?

I'm interested in doing a YouTube channel or something similar focused on interesting stories and interviews of police officers in their words. I'm familiar with video editing but I have no clue when it comes to camera/lighting setup, directing, interviewing (beyond high school journalism), YouTube channel promotion, etc. Despite that, I think I would present something unique and everyone likes intense true crime stories.

So, anyone have suggestions? I'm guessing I'd need a couple lights, at least 3 cameras and stands capable of 1080p or 4k video, and maybe some audio recording stuff? What about YouTube with all the censoring/demonetizing going on?

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That's the issue, YT hasn't been giving people good reasons. Their algorithm results are looking suspiciously biased against non-lefty vids. I would avoid playing politics but being anti-police is very trendy with liberals.

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Nobody? My shit's going to turn out like a gurf video.

Watch "between two ferns" and "the eric andre show" to get some good interviewing tips

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