Thinking of getting a CRX

When I was a teen this was my dream car. Lately I just need a daily beater
that gets great gas mileage. The CRX HF seems to fit the bill. Is anyone
on this board familiar with CRX's and in particular what I should be wary
of when buying one? Looking for a 91 model. It seems that these cars
hold up pretty well.

It is 16 years old. No matter if it is a Honda, Toyota or Kia, it is still a 16 year old vehicle.


I already have a sports car, but looking for a beater with good mpg. The
16 yr old CRX HF still gets close to 50 mpg! I'd like to hear from someone
who is familiar with these cars. Just thought I'd give it a shot on the OG,
but I'll probably head over to Honda Tech. =)

One of the guys I work with has that exact car. He bought it new, and has
driven it for over 400,000 miles. He has followed the maintenance to the
book (well, as far as the book went anyway) and has never had any
problems with it. It is still a very reliable car that he continues to drive
over a hundred miles a day.

My ex had an HF, back when it was new. It would get as good as 56mpg back then, with the a/c off.

I had another one, about 6 years ago, with 150k miles on it. It ran fine, but averaged closer to 42mpg.

Performance SUCKED though. Look for a '92-97(?) Civic VX - better mpg and much more hp as well.


You think this is bad, some of my friends are trying to get me to buy a Kei car like a subaru R1, though I don't know if I should call them friends anymore after trying to get me to buy a car with a 660cc engine

Get the crx-si from 1989.

Very fast and pretty good economy.

If you find one, you will be bidding against the scca racers who love this car.

I just got rid of one. I had it for about five years.
Great on gas.

GL finding one at a decent price if it's in good condition. Most have been around, alot. At least in Cali.

the 92-93 vx is a good option if you can't find one and so is the crx si...they're still pretty good on gas and they are much quicker than both the HF and the VX.

My little brother used to have a 91crx si with a b16 engine in it and that car was plain scary. Ran the quarter in high 13's.

no matter what the age or mileage is you will pay significantly more than it's worth...same goes for any civic...worst value on the road. there are plenty of cars out there that are fun, reliable and get good mileage and that when 10+yrs old and 100K+ can be very cheap to buy