Thinking Of Getting Fire Pro Z

I don't have my Dreamcast anymore so I can't play FPD,but I have the flip top for the PS2.

I'm thinking about getting Z because I need some Fire Pro in my life,I'm feeling weak!

So what is the story mode like?
Is it any good or unique?

This is basically the next best thing to Fire Pro D,so work with me here fellow gamergrounders.

No! There's a new breed of Fire pro out with better gameplay!!! It's called something or other red or green or some shit!

King of Colloseum. Some people swear by it, I hated it. It doesn't play like fire pro at all. Maybe I just never got the hang of it. I liked All Star Pro Wrestling 2 and 3 so much more.

Fire Pro Z is pure fire pro. Most people complained that it seemed too rushed, as it's supposedly the last Fire Pro game ever, done for the fans or whatever, and it's basically just FPD with an updated roster and a handful of new moves. Still, if you've got no FPD, I'd totally get it. I'd get it even if you did, 'cause Fire Pro just rules.