Thinking Of Opening a MMA Gym in Brooklyn

I noticed there aren't many in NYC at all. Im guessing because the sport has yet to be sanctioned here.

Any interest? Idea is curently in the planning stage. Investors are being lined up. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Wrestling, BJJ, Judo, and Boxing are the first disciplines that that come to mind. Any others?

Also, any names/info of quality instructors in the NYC area that may be interested in teaching?

As this is still in the beginning stages, wages and whatnot aren't set in stone. Looking for someone quality and worth what they are charging.

Any help/ideas is much appreciated.

Thanks Guys,

Get a qualified Muay Thai coach and BJJ Black Bely/Brown Belt.

It's all you need.

A good wrestling coach would be essential as well.




there are actually quite a few mma gyms in nyc.

 In Brooklyn, a good one is extremely scarce.

 Where in Brooklyn are you looking?

Looking to open one up in Downtown BK. Red Hook/Carroll Gardens area. Around the BQE.

Take a look on 3rd Avenue somewhere between Carroll Street and 16th Street.

Prices are a little lower over there, and it's all within a few blocks of several trains, and the BQE is right there.

And some big spaces are available there since it was mainly an industrial area until recently.

(Stay out of Red Hook because NO trains go there).

Good luck.

What happened to Strike Thai Boxing on Coney Island Ave? They did MMA there too. They close down?


Never heard of that one, what the exact name of it?

 I would go because I'm close to there.

Easy to get a BB, there are 30 odd at Renzo's alone. I was planning to move to Cobble Hill so it works for me.

Very happy with the interest so far. Keep the comments coming guys.

i'd be interested. i drive all the way out to long island from bensonhurst to train. the traffic is miserable.

where is this coney island ave gym? never heard of it.

bonzi def need muay thai along w boxing and also how about a strength and conditioning class...using tires flips, sledge hammer, all that good shit. stuff people cant do at a NYSC.

and get some airdynes.


shoot me an email, id like to talk to you about training /coaching.


 We need one in the Bronx dammit!!!!