Thinking Of Putting A Trash Can Next To My Mailbox

Would it be ok to tape a $20 to the mailbox with the note for the mailman, to put the flyers in trash can, placed below mailbox ?

Very true.

And mandated annual online drivers refresher course driving home the concepts of using turn signals, not camping in the left lane, yield signs, no cell phone use, 4 way stop signs, etc

We should defund the USPS until they offer spam protection and no send list.

Why is it so expensive now?

With email and online billing what do you think keeps USPS workers employed? Its not private letters. If junk mail was banned, the work force would probably be cut by 50%.

Sounds good. Cut em by 50%


Agreed. The powers that be wont let it happen though.

Junk mail should be required to be printed on sustainably sourced paper such as from hemp, if the practice is allowed to go on. They must get a sweetheart deal from the postal authorities as well to be able to afford the mass mailings with presumably low returns.

How come liberal losers want to ban straws and grocery bags and other useful stuff, but dont mind the enviomental impact of producing, shipping, and throwing away of tons and tons of junk mail every day.

Because they are aimless milk-shitting fuckheads.

Put trash can under mailbox yesterday. No sign yet.

Your mail carrier won’t put the junk mail directly into the trash can even if you give them money.

Plan so far, is to put it in the bin myself, and empty mail trash bin once a week on trash day, instead of going from mailbox to garbage bins daily.